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Life Sciences is a rapidly-changing sector in terms of the patient needs it addresses, the technology it uses and the regulatory environment in which it operates. At BlueBridge Technologies, we’re particularly adept at responding quickly to those changes because we’ve been bridging the gap between science and technology since 2006.

Today, we work on the edge of innovation to design, develop and deliver intelligent components for all parts of your connected medical-device ecosystem. We work with the biggest names in global med-tech and pharma to produce adaptive, regulated systems and software that help manage chronic conditions. But most importantly, we change the lives of those with them.

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From mechanical engineering to data science, we use our knowledge, experience and passion to develop networked medical-device technology effectively and securely. We love nothing more than cracking your complex technical challenges, while ensuring that our efforts solve real-world problems and have real utility in the clinical domain. We work with discrete technologies (biosensors, connectivity, algorithms), systems integration and software architecture to help our clients develop existing products for the digital worlds, develop digital strategies and architect connected ecosystems. In order to deliver on our goal of revolutionising digital-health, we work across a number of different areas of expertise.

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We’re a close-knit team made up of irreverent sandal-wearing Silicon Valley tech types, buttoned-up regulated banker types and manufacturing street-fighter bruiser types. Individually we’re hula hooper, jugglers, DJs, kite-surfers, scuba divers and gamers. Collectively we’re passionate experts that provide digital medical device services that change lives. If you share our passion, please share your details.

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