Cloud (SaMD)

Looking for an intelligent doctor-patient cloud portal to manage health conditions?

SaMD Anywhere You Need It

SaMD devices are now increasingly becoming more connected and accessible over the internet. We specialise in end-to-end services that capture, transmit and analyse data from connected medical devices and surgical equipment, combination products, apps, Digital Therapeutics and Software as a Medical Device. If your device needs to connect to the internet, or your device itself needs to live on the internet, we provide the capability to develop, test, monitor and maintain any cloud service your SaMD may need.

SaMD All Over The Globe

Regardless of your target regions and legal jurisdictions, BlueBridge Technologies has the expertise, both technical and regulatory, to deliver a solution that can work anywhere in the world. We can also zone and partition your SaMD cloud services, data stores and data processes in order to fulfil specific regional regulatory data concerns.

Why Companies Choose BlueBridge Technologies

We can customise down to individual regulatory regions, fully enabling compliance with your local data regulations like GDPR or HIPAA and Privacy Shield. We can leverage the use of modern infrastructure technologies and serverless architectures like containerisation, Kubernetes, AWS and Azure. We can help you get clean, compliant and complete data for everyone in your business. We have experience working with multiple mainstream and proprietary cloud PaaS providers. We can use this knowledge to provide a solution that fulfils your organizational and product goals, either integrating into your existing cloud, or simply handling it all for you.

We can deploy in any environment; integrate data instantly from multiple sources; stop bad quality data before it enters your clinical systems; reduce risk; and provide data lineage to verify that your data is from a good source and of good quality. We can adopt FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles to ensure privacy and security, while allowing specific information to be accessible by authorised users.

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