Looking to collect and store data about your device or treatment’s use and effectiveness?

Shaping The Future of Wearable Supports

Designed to be worn on or near the human body, connected medical wearables and devices collect and store data about a patient’s use of a particular treatment and can track that treatment’s effectiveness. Ranging from sensors, to communication devices, these connected medical and IoT items are capable of transmitting a patient’s specific data directly from their location to that of their medical professional. This provides healthcare providers with real-time monitoring and a completer and comprehensive picture of their patient’s health, wherever they are, whenever they like.

Expertly Blending Advanced Technology with Human Psychology

To be effective, these devices must be used by patients not professionals. To maximise the chances that they are safely and effectively used, these wearables must adopt strong human-factor design considerations to ensure they are practical and even fashionable. At BlueBridge Technologies, we are regularly commissioned to develop on or near body devices and technologies because of our cross functional capabilities. Our team of highly-skilled experts blend electro-mechanical design with strong design abilities, to ensure new innovative device concepts will be adopted at scale.

Why Companies Choose BlueBridge Technologies

Since 2006, we’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge and expertise working on a large number of wearable device projects that have covered everything from pea-sized sensors to augmented reality headsets. Our international, cross-functional team understands both the technologies and the human factors that go into making these devices a success. From concept to prototype, electronic engineering to mechanical design, we’ve a wide range of skills and expertise all under one roof and a staple of collaborators outside our four walls. What’s more, a large majority of wearable are an extension of the mobile device, a field in which we have a significant footprint

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