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The ability to collect and store immense quantities of data globally and near-instantaneously has brought the world into a new age of data science. At BlueBridge Technologies, our team of data science experts can aid you in collecting, aggregating, cleaning, securing, analysing and summarizing the data your medical devices produce.

Methodical and Rigorous Data Selection

Machine learning is a powerful tool for dealing with many classification, analysis and generation-based problems. However, its performance can often be hard to predict and training and test data can often omit or regress critical members of the population. BlueBridge Technologies selects and tests this data in a clear, formal and compliant manner in order for your machine learning functions to be seen with confidence by auditors and regulatory bodies.

Why Companies Choose BlueBridge Technologies

At BlueBridge Technologies we have a varied team of skilled employees including data scientists, mechanical/software/electrical/product engineers and a wide-ranging network of consultants who can provide niche expertise. All these people have a practiced understanding and commitment to the scientific method and operate under a Quality Management System to clearly define, test and document solutions, including those involving data analysis and machine learning.

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