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Looking to leverage data to deliver meaningful long-term, short-term or real-time patient outcomes?

Powering The Software As A Medical Device Surge

Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is any software intended to be used for one or more medical purposes, that perform these purposes without being part of a hardware medical device. Its popularity and use is exploding right now and BlueBridge Technologies are at the forefront of this medical revolution. SaMD solutions are well placed to serve as powerful data collection and data analysis tools. The latest smartphones also represent an ideal tool for enabling patients to engage and take more ownership of their health. Hardware capabilities including temperature, camera and motion can potentially be leveraged to serve up some important patient monitoring parameters. Combine their Bluetooth and near-field communication capabilities with on or near the body hardware and you have life-changing solutions like continuous glucose monitors or even autoinjectors.

Turning Mobile Phones Into Mobile Physicians

While mobile/cell phones are everywhere, there are several critical medical and biopharma industry-specific considerations that need to be factored into the development of applications and solutions for these devices. At BlueBridge Technologies, we’re experts in the area of connected mobile software and can leverage the power within phones. We have a dedicated team of highly-skilled mobile developers. Each is greatly experienced in the finer points of design control, documentation, verification and validation testing. They take platforms like Android, iOS and hybrid platforms and blend them with risk management, human factors and automated testing. What results, is a way to provide meaningful solutions that can reach many people safely and effectively for patient outcomes that improve lives.

Why Companies Choose BlueBridge Technologies

Mobile software development carries a high degree of risk around the many different devices and operating systems that are on the market. In the medical technologies sector, verification integrity for each supported device is critical. At BlueBridge Technologies, we’re hugely experienced in developing SaMD mobile apps. We leverage automated testing to continuously provide platform verification confidence, so that you can support a large array of target devices in a fractured mobile landscape.

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