Our story & Approach

Our story

How We Started

In 2006, our CEO Garret Coady set up BlueBridge Technologies in Dublin, Ireland in order to bridge the ever-widening gap between science and technology. In the short years since, we’ve grown into a market leading digital health technologies services company. We now identify and exploit unmet clinical needs to develop novel medical device solutions for the world’s major medical device organisations, start-ups and entrepreneurial clinicians. Why we do it today is the same as it has been since day one – to enable better health outcomes through the provision of innovative, cost effective and regulatory-compliant connected digital health solutions that change lives.

How We’ve Succeeded

We architect and build digital systems including wearables, mobile and cloud for leading pharma and medical devices companies to harvest patient data. We enable quicker time to market for our customers, going from lab bench to legal manufacturer for a class 3 medical device. We do this by bringing together a diverse range of disciplines, software, hardware, data science, cyber security, regulatory affairs and quality, all one place.

Our unique approach enables you to make data driven health decisions at the local and global level. We gather unstructured raw data at the sensor/wearable level, empower individual users at the local phone/app level and empower businesses at the global cloud level. Crucially, our unrivalled expertise and unique approach allows us to be 2 to 3 years ahead of our international counterparts, helping many of the world’s biggest companies accelerate their route to market.

Get In Touch

While every problem, requirement and solution is different, how we start approaching them is the same every time – listening to you. To start that process, simply start by saying hello to us.