Digital Therapeutics

Looking to prevent, manage and treat the world’s worst conditions, disorders and diseases?

What We Do

As experts in Digital therapeutic (DTx) products, we deliver therapeutic interventions that prevent, manage or treat some of the world’s deadliest medical disorders and disease. Our solutions improve patient adherence to and engagement with existing therapies. Crucially, all our interventions are evidence-based because while each of our solutions are different, how we approach them is the same – knowledge first.

How We Do It

We form a multi-skilled team of “Thinkers” – experts from science, business, medicine, manufacturing, medtech and biopharma. Together, they create a digital-first strategy that fits your requirements, end-users and budget by mapping out needs, pain points, ROI, user journeys, functions, services and key performance indicators. Next a team of “Doers” made up of engineers, regulatory experts and interface designers create the tools, devices, applications and platforms you need for your custom solution. These can be modified to meet localised data, security and regulatory requirements. Once your solution is ready to be released, BlueBridge Technologies can continue to work side by side with you to manage all risk, manage the post market surveillance obligations and continuously analyse your solution’s performance based on real-world experience.

What We’ve Done


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