Digital Medical Devices

Looking to improve lives by connecting medical devices and leveraging the power of data?

What We Do

As experts in Digital Medical Devices, we bring connectivity to a range of leading medical devices. This allows us to combine them with the unrivalled power of big data, to achieve better health outcomes for your patients. Our world class background in patient monitoring and interventional devices can also include clinical decision support tools that relieve busy healthcare workers. These include digital companion devices and software, from continuous glucose monitors systems, to smart inhalers and autoinjectors.

How We Do It

We blend together the best of software and system design, implementation and testing of embedded software for medical devices, to enable biopharmaceutical drug delivery and broader connected health capabilities. The device architecture expressed via System Engineering diagrams are critical to the effective management of complex multi-stakeholder projects.

What We’ve Done

We crafted leading mobile-enabled dose metering drug delivery devices. We developed a machine learning algorithm that characterised the sensor to ensure consistent and robust flow of the liquid pharmaceutical. The embedded hardware and software were also developed despite an extremely challenging small form factor. As the product was required to be used for both home and clinical use, the wireless link needed to comply with FDA coexistence standards to ensure reliance and reliability to ensure patient safety.

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