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Ensuring Your Sensors Are Safe To Use

To ensure they’re safe for users to enjoy, electronics for connected medical devices like sensors must be designed with the required robustness and reliability. In addition, careful attention must also be given to emissions control and the human-machine interface (HMI). What’s more, development of medical sensors often involves difficult challenges in the areas of miniaturisation and low-power design. At BlueBridge Technologies, we have the experience, knowledge and skill to overcome all these obstacles for you.

Integrating Accurate Measurement Sensors Into Low Power Wireless Systems

We have extensive experience in a wide range of low power embedded microcontroller architectures, for a broad range of applications. Our team of expert engineers have amassed an in-depth knowledge of sensor integration and embedded system design. They’ve successfully taken a large number of medical devices through IEC 60601-1 certification. This range of experience allows us to integrate accurate measurement devices (sensors) into low power wireless systems. We understand the fundamental measurement principles of sensor design/development and especially customer measurement application in terms of accuracy, reliability and cost.

Why Companies Choose BlueBridge Technologies

We’re a one stop shop solution for your project. We have the ability to perform both hardware and software design, while eliminating the need for complex scheduling and multi-party meetings or arrangements. What’s more, we do the heavy lifting for you. So, even if you don’t possess the technical skills, you’ll receive a complete system without having to spend money on building or accumulating these technical skills or regulatory knowledge.

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