Digital Diagnostics

Looking for software-driven solutions that help determine the presence or progression of a disease or condition?

What We Do

As experts in Digital Diagnostics, we build solutions that take patient specific data and determine disease progression or calculate a risk probability of certain conditions. Our life-changing companion software and devices enable the determination of a specific diagnosis. We design and integrate on or near body sensors as well as networking in vitro diagnostic equipment systems. We’re then able to use algorithms and machine learning on these systems and combine them with the latest in cloud technology to open a new world of possibilities for patients, healthcare providers and payers.

How We Do It

We have built end-to-end, patient-to-cloud platforms as part of the digitisation of clinical trials and patient and healthcare provider portals. These platforms provide a broader more holistic patient experience. Traditionally, patient insight is captured on paper and the data points are sporadic. At BlueBridge Technologies, we leverage a wealth of knowledge of digital platforms, mobile and device technology, to empower patients to digitally record their outcomes, take more ownership of their health and provide a more complete picture to their caregivers. We’ve crafted customisable monitoring technology that’s been combined with self-assessed validated questionnaires that have been specially designed for accessibility and ease of use. We can fully configure these platforms to meet the needs of the patient, provider and payer. This gives you a greater flexibility of content creation and frequency of completion.

What We’ve Done

We’re extremely proud to have engineered Guardian Connect – a mobile-enabled continuous glucose monitoring system – for Medtronic Diabetes. This leading diabetes management system uses an app to help diabetes patients monitor and manage their glucose levels in a home care setting. It does this via BLE from a glucometer worn by the patient. BlueBridge Technologies were responsible for the full design control, which was validated by and within our own quality management system. We were also responsible for the development and validation of the Android App that interfaces with the enlite Glucose and Carelink Server. Crucially, all this software was developed in accordance with IEC 62304 Class C.

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